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The CGC trade show showcases the newest products and technologies for the protected agriculture sector. Browse our featured exhibitors and find a complete list of companies below.

Trade Show Hours

Wednesday     9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Happy Hour Reception takes place on the exhibit floor 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Thursday         9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Booth: 2017


AAB INT is an independent consulting and engineering company which offers a wide spectrum of services for the high tech horticultural industry worldwide. The engineers and consultants have the knowledge and expertise to support customers with development and realization of horticultural projects from first idea till start up. This involves amongst other master planning, project development, design and engineering, technical support, project management, (sustainable) energy solutions, climate studies. The consultants of AAB INT can also support you in the field of (technical) due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, (bankable) feasibility studies, investment budgets etc. For more information check our website or contact us at We are looking forward to meet you at the show. You can find us in booth 2017.


Booth: 113

Since 1981, AB has tackled the challenges posed by energy sustainability, working alongside our customers to improve their competitiveness while saving energy and reducing emissions. From our earliest days, we have focused on innovation to develop world-class technologies and processes dedicated to transforming the world of energy.  Our objective? To ensure our customers benefit from the best energy sustainability solutions available anywhere.  How? By dedicating our expertise, production capacity and excellent service capabilities to the problems at hand. In the cogeneration sector, AB’s leadership team has expanded our company’s reach to encompass biofuels. We have developed advanced purification and liquefaction processes for biomethane, coupled with highly effective emissions treatment. We take pride in the “Made in Italy” level of excellence we offer. The AB Group now boasts over 1,000 employees in 21 countries throughout Europe, Russia and North and South America, with primary production and engineering centralized in a state-of-the-art industrial complex located in Orzinuovi, Province of Brescia, Italy. 


Booth: 100

Agrolux uses intelligent, innovative solutions to help you maximize the efficiency of your horticulture lighting and increase your production. We are happy to provide you with expert advice tailored to your needs, but you can also contact us for fast, worldwide delivery of commercial grow lights or components. We distinguish ourselves in the field with honest advice, professional service, and top-quality assimilation lighting.


Booth: 533

Belchim Crop Protection Canada develops, registers, and markets protection, nutritional and management products for greenhouse crops.  We work closely with end users and supply partners to evaluate market needs, and to provide cost effective products that offer superior performance.


Booth: 811

Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of first-quality growing media. For nearly 60 years, Berger’s team of specialists uses a client-focused approach that meets the specific needs of its customers’ crops. For professional growers, that means consistent growth, predictable results, reliable supply, and moreover, a trustworthy technical support. From start to finish, how you grow matters as much as what you grow.


Booth: 928

BioBee recognizes the need for viable working solutions that take into account all the unique parameters of the particular grower in a specific country: from regulatory demands, logistics, climate, growing method to environment issues. BioBee offers tailor made IPM programs, field service support and innovative solutions. As a leader in production and implementation of beneficial macro-organisms in agriculture, BioBee is committed to staying on the cutting edge of research and development in the fields of natural pollination and biological pest control. We research and identify new microbial biocontrol agents for reinforcement of the existing natural enemies’ package; work out solutions to unexpected drawbacks that might arise whilst exercising natural pollination by bumblebees or IPM/biocontrol and constantly develop new and innovative products. 


Booth: 505

Plant growth promoting microbial inoculants (probiotics for plants), designed specifically for hydroponic fruit and vegetable production


Booth: 1251

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Video

More than just a greenhouse company, Ceres uses the highest quality materials and equipment, with customized environmental controls to suit all climate and growing goals. We are there for our clients every step of the way, from preliminary design to data analysis for commercial greenhouse operations. It is our goal to empower more growers in order to provide access to fresher, healthier food.


Booth: 2014

Chas P. Hayley & Company (Pvt) Limited is the pioneer and largest value-added coconut fibre-based product manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka, has debuted its very own brand, “Haygreen”, with its offering of a range of hydroponics and horticulture products for homes, gardens and industries. Founded in 1878 and pioneer in the industry, Chas P Hayley operating with 5 production facilities in Sri Lanka and India, supplying to over 70 countries. The company offers the flexibility to manufacture OEM and private label products, including the distinction of holding the largest production capacity and factory compliances serving customers with short lead times. Company has been able to sustain its record-breaking 144 years of journey, due to the diversity of its product portfolio, innovative approach and the flexibility offered, to manufacture and supply superior quality products, while maintaining the highest service standards. Our product portfolio includes, Coco peat grow bags, blocks, bricks, coco pots, weed mats, coco poles, seedling pads & coir twine. Chas P Hayleys is a fully owned subsidiary company of Sri Lanka’s largest and No. 01 blue-chip conglomerate, Hayleys PLC.


Booth: 132

Plastic Containers


Porch Pots


Booth: 104

DALSEM - COMPLETE GREENHOUSE PROJECTS - Dalsem is a leading greenhouse builder that develops complete high-tech greenhouse projects since 1932 that yield the highest quality and quantity of products in the shortest of time. 

DALSEM X-AIR - SEMI-CLOSED GREENHOUSE SOLUTION ( - The X-AIR greenhouse is designed to maximize plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse climate conditions in a sustainable way. The Dalsem X-AIR Ventilation System (patent pending) is an essential part of the energy-efficient climate control system that combines decentralized forced air ventilation and circulation without limitations if the screens are open or closed. Less energy, less risk, more production! All parts of the greenhouse are built in our Dutch factory. Training, management and consultancy to ensure the right conditions for growth, will make your project complete.


Booth: 933

Ecoation is trusted by major greenhouses across the globe. We have a proven track record of cost reduction and revenue increase for our customers. Our real-time intelligence gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're always in control and one step ahead of pests and diseases in your greenhouse. ecoation's IPM and Yield Forecasting enables you to increase the efficiency of your human resources and climate inputs in your greenhouse. ecoation's location-aware OKO platform and guidebook enable your scouts to cover more areas, with higher accuracy. ecoation's microclimate maps allow you to identify climate anomalies and fix infrastructure issues sooner. The ecoation forecasting platform makes it easy to assess your crops and measure the weight of ready-to-pick fruit. This helps growers secure the best prices. With this platform, you can forecast yields with precision, so you know how much product to harvest and when.


Booth: 1012

Elexicon Group is a municipally owned energy management company that specializes in reducing client’s utility cost and energy usage to achieve a greener future. We achieve this through real time energy analytics, green technology expertise and full turnkey solutions to achieve the fastest ROI possible. Our team focuses heavily on innovative technology that qualify for all levels of government funding to complete projects at the lowest possible cost for clients and provide the highest cost and GHG emission savings.


Booth: 629

Flowers Canada Growers (FCG) is the Canadian trade association representing floral greenhouse growers of cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, cuts, and propagative material.  FCG represent over 300 flower growers on several issues including government relations, crop management, environment, research and development, international trade, human resources, and marketing.


Booth: 1260

HIGH performance LED grow LIGHTS

At the forefront for 10 years, Futur Vert specializes in the design of high-quality LED lighting solutions. Aimed at reducing your maintenance costs, increasing energy savings and reducing the environmental footprint, our high performance technologies are certified to the highest industry standards and optimize the growth of your plants and business.


Booth: 1009

Great Lakes Helicopter Corp is an industry pioneer and the leading aerial applicator of greenhouse glass and poly liquid solutions for Shading/Cleaning. We specialize in precision aerial application via helicopter since 2003.


Booth: 3015

The Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN) is a consortium of research-focused centres led out of Niagara College that helps small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in southern Ontario extend their R&D capabilities and solve greenhouse and related-technology challenges. Each centre offers funding to eligible SMEs to de-risk innovation to solve technology challenges—and has expertise and facilities to find solutions through applied research projects.  Businesses eligible to apply are those developing technologies that support activities across the value chain.  Applications for funding are online, ongoing—and non-competitive.


Booth: 334

At Grodan we are driven by developing the most sustainable growing solutions and by making these accessible to communities across the globe. This is our contribution to a future-proof horticulture that will provide people around the world with access to healthy food not only today but for generations to come.


Booth: 3005

Happy Caps Mushroom Farm from Halifax Nova Scotia, produces small batch Home Grow Gourmet Mushroom Kits, designed to target the urban gardening community, whom are looking to grow new and different produce. Canadian Made | All Natural | Manure Free | 5-month shelf life Best retail selling periods September – May.


Booth: 436

Heliospectra AB was founded in 2006 in Sweden by plant scientists and biologists with one vision – to make crop production more intelligent and resource-efficient. Today, with customers across seven continents, Heliospectra is a global leader in innovative smart horticulture lighting technology, custom light control systems and specialized services for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments. Designed by growers for growers, Heliospectra builds customized LED lighting strategies and controls to automate production schedules, save energy and monitor crop health and performance with real-time data and response, to deliver the light plants love and the consistent results growers need. 


Booth: 1010

Hemp Sense Video

Hemp Sense Inc. is a Manitoba based company that processes industrial hemp to produce environmentally friendly hemp products.  The focus of our business is to capture the value of the versatile qualities of 100 % hemp straw in the production of patented crumble for cat litter, small animal bedding, hemp fibril soil enricher and other related uses. Hemp Sense buys baled hemp stalks from farmers, after the hemp grain has been harvested. Instead of going to waste, we process the baled hemp stalks using a unique patented zero waste process.


Booth: 711

Supplying garden centres and growers for over 45 years with high quality plant tags, innovative merchandising signage and display tools. From specialty tags and labels to point-of-sale collateral, Horta-Craft is your source for horticultural marketing.


Booth: 601

HYDROGARDENS, IT STARTS WITH YOU for Agricultural and Horticultural Input Supplies

Since 1964, HYDROGARDENS (by TERIS) has been the largest supplier of procurement services and advice in Quebec and in eastern Canada for farmers, gardening centers, greenhouses, horticulturists, industry professionals, nurseries and retailers. With the right values in the right places and a commitment to customer success, TERIS (HYDROGARDENS) has become the industry benchmark. Offering a turnkey service, we are partners in your success so you can focus on what really matters.

 WE HAVE THE GREEN THUMB - Environmentally conscious, we offer a range of natural and biodegradable products. By reducing our impact, we sincerely believe that we can contribute to environmental initiatives.


Booth: 437

Producers of Professional Growers Grade Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and Growing Media. A J D Irving, Limited Company


Booth: 437

Joined with our Dutch Partner, JV Energy Solutions Inc. has 60+ years of greenhouse heating experience in working to provide and promote sustainable energy in the greenhouse cultivation sector of North America. We partner with Havecon as well as other Contractors, offering our heating and cooling expertise. Whether it is a 1,500m² greenhouse, a 20-hector project or a renovation/expansion, we have tailor made solutions for all situations.  Our services also extend beyond initial installation to include routine maintenance, emergency services and a fully stocked shop location in Kingsville with over 1,000 essential heating and cooling components for our customer’s needs. 


Booth: 335

KUBO manages complete greenhouse projects. Contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service. All under our own management. This enables us to monitor the entire process, deliver on time and be certain that we are using the latest technologies and concepts.


Booth: 2001

MANISHA EXPORTS journey has four decades of expertise in coconut fibre and coconut substrate products with natural fibre making a significant contribution to the international market. As a leading and award-winning exporter in Sri Lanka, our network of 07 coir and coir pith product factories located in Sri Lanka. We serve more than 300 customers all over the world by being a total solution provider for wide range of applications under growing media, horticulture, erosion control, bedding and large variety of industrial applications. We manufacture range of bio gradable products from coconut fibre and coconut fibre pith committing to the highest quality, cost-effective and eco-friendly. and our own marketing office positioned in Ontario, Canada to ensure convenient service to our global clientele.   

A leader in automation solutions, MAXIMUS has been managing indoor environments with precision for more than 25 years. MAXIMUS collects and monitors indoor climate conditions in real-time, automating all equipment connected to it to attain the grower’s desired climate, resulting in healthier crops while maximizing operational performance. The controller is scalable and modular, which allows the system to grow with you as your greenhouse operation grows. Its alarm feature sends notifications via SMS & email should parameters be above or below the grower’s set threshold. Its easy-to-use interface and the ability to view, manage and adjust settings with ease directly on the controller via its built-in touchscreen, or connect remotely via your smart device makes it a highly operator-friendly system. MAXIMUS, the smart technology for today’s growers.


Booth: 829

Water is our most precious resource. Not only do we need it to live, but we also use it in virtually every industrial process. Moleaer’s mission is to unlock the power of water to do more with less. Our patented nanobubble technology improves sustainable food production and processing, water and wastewater treatment, natural resource recovery, and aquatic ecosystems restoration – and we do all of this with nanobubbles, not chemicals. Nanobubbles are 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt and have properties that allow them to supersaturate water with oxygen, form natural oxidants for disinfection, and increase water’s ability to permeate soils and substrates. Our technology has been validated by extensive research, and we currently have over 1,500 installations in more than 30 countries. Moleaer can cost-effectively deliver nanobubbles into any water process whenever and wherever it’s needed to make the most of our most precious resource.


Booth: 3007

NGS video

New Growing System is a Spanish company in the agrofood sector, with over 25 years of experience in developing and installing its patented Recirculating Hydroponic System, which grants complete crop management control while delivering quality, savings, productivity and profits.


Booth: 808


OFA is a dynamic, producer-led organization based in Guelph, Ontario that works to represent and champion the diverse interests of Ontario’s agri-food sector and rural communities. Our work includes government relations, farm policy development, research, lobby efforts, community representation, media relations and more. We have a strong voice for our members and the agri-food industry on issues, legislation and regulations governed by municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Our Mission: Farms and Food Forever.


Booth: 415

For more than 75 years Plant Products - A member of Biobest Group has been a full service supplier of fertilizer, pest control products, seeds and other consumable goods to the greenhouse, turf, nursery and specialty horticulture industries in Canada and the USA. It maintains locations in Laval, QC, Ancaster, ON, Westland, MI and head office in Leamington, ON. Partners of the company are able to leverage its many strengths including: technical sales, new product development, regulatory, marketing and logistics.


Booth: 728

Priva is a high-tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control, energy management, optimal reuse of water and labour management. In horticulture, Priva provides a total, integrated solution to control and manage any horticultural operation, from anywhere in the world.


Booth: 210

Climate change, drought, population growth – our changing world presents a huge challenge for the agriculture/horticulture sector. Ridder works hard to help farmers and growers to transition successfully to more efficient and, above all, more sustainable production methods. The shift towards protected cultivation plays a key role in this: within a controlled greenhouse environment, crops can be grown with minimal use of water and fertilizers, regardless of the external weather conditions. However, challenges involving economies of scale, labor management and shortages of expertise also require practical innovation and effective services, so growers really can achieve their ambitions. As an international family business, part of Ridder’s everyday work for the past 70 years has been developing solutions to enable horticultural businesses and their suppliers make their companies and projects as successful as possible.


Booth: 729

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting is celebrating 15 years of dedicated focus on LED lighting in horticulture.


Booth: 809

Solar Light video

Solarmeter® by Solar Light Company and its affiliate company, Optronic Laboratories, offer handheld meters, PMA sensors, and spectroradiometer to ensure lamps efficiently and effectively aid in the production of healthier, faster growing crops.


Booth: 301

South Essex Fabricating Video

Located in Leamington, Ontario, South Essex Fabricating has been involved in the metal fabricating industry since 1994. Initially specializing as a fabricator of commercial greenhouse parts, equipment and structures, we’ve grown our area of expertise to include high-quality metal fabricating, full-service assembly, comprehensive technical solutions as well as project management and construction. As a premier metal fabrication shop, providing complete solutions from design to installation, our expertise is guaranteed to help you improve the productivity of your business. We operate out of a 180,000 sq. ft production facility, well equipped with the newest, state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture greenhouses. Because of all this, South Essex Fabricating is capable of satisfying all of your design, construction and assembly needs, as we work towards creating a lasting relationship


Booth: 917

Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. The business started in the 1970s with a vision to transform and improve conditions for the professional cultivation of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses. Svensson has since revolutionized the industry with a range of innovative solutions. Today, our functional climate screens control humidity, temperature, and UV radiation according to requirements, creating excellent conditions for better and greater production in greenhouses all over the world.


Booth: 511

Flower Seeds

Research & Breeding Firm


Booth: 908

The HC Companies is a proud culmination of many legacy brands and continues to transform the horticultural industry through bold leadership, innovative manufacturing, and a comprehensive portfolio of products ideal for greenhouse, nursery, cannabis, retail, and commercial markets. Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, with production facilities throughout North America, HC manufactures growing solutions using the latest technologies and materials to satisfy the challenges of a continuously evolving industry. In addition to their horticultural containers, HC also supports a full line of sustainably sourced solutions including protective packaging, consumer products, growing containers, and more. For information on The HC Companies, visit (growing containers) or (sustainable products).


Booth: 907

ThinkPlants™ Participants represent a dedicated team, including plant breeders and other horticulture experts, seamlessly connected to a supply chain. This gives ThinkPlants™ an innovative plant offering for consumers and the North American Nursery industry. ThinkPlants™ offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of top quality URC, bareroot and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between grower and supplier. Current ThinkPlants participants include: Danziger, Syngenta Flowers, Terra Nova Nurseries Inc., Kapiteyn, Kiwiflora, KieftSeed, Unex, Creekside Greenhouses, Royal Van Zanten, Plants Management Australia, Green Circle Growers, Headstart Nursery Inc., Gully Greenhouse and Garden Center, James Greenhouses.


Booth: 3020

For over two decades, greenhouse owners and builders have turned to Tradewind for the installation of over five million square feet of floor. We continue to support the growers of our modern world by improving their operations with the best greenhouse concrete floor systems.


Booth: 929


Ushio greenhouse lighting has been an established name for almost two decades, and its HORTURION® HPS series enjoy worldwide reputation. With undiminished intensity, Ushio continues to invest in R&D of conventional lamps. Besides the development, production and sales sites in Germany and Poland, the HORTURION® series is distributed via our sales office in the Netherlands, and a global sales force. In-house engineering facilities, equipped with latest technology and sophisticated devices allowing for innovations and world premieres like the first 1150 W / 2400 μmol/s and the first 1000 W / 2200 μmol/s HPS lamps. Our production facility has considerable capacity with a total area of almost 6000 m2 . At full capacity, 1 million lamps can be manufactured here per year. This signifies that Ushio is not only a trustable partner for lamps of highest quality, but is also able to reliably produce and deliver orders for large scale projects.


Booth: 1252

Van der Waay video

If you are looking for a solution to clean, repair, or provide a temporary coating for your greenhouse roof, then you have come to the right place at Van der Waay.  From our factory in the Netherlands we proudly export various models of greenhouse roof cleaners, chalk machines, and repair facilities to horticultural companies all over the world.


Booth: 135

Vifra srl is an Italian company based in Rome, which manufactures high pressure fog systems.


Booth: 933

Vivent provides growers with actionable information direct from plants. We help growers to see how and when plants respond to changing conditions. We provide real-time and early warning of abiotic and biotic stressors. With better information on plant responses, growers can optimize growing conditions to increase yield, save on inputs providing increased profits. Early warning enables more effective and environmentally preferable crop protection. Vivent, a Swiss-based scale-up, is the world leader in plant electrophysiology, with reputable research papers. We have algorithms for the early diagnosis of soil pests, insects on foliage, fungal and bacterial infections, water stress and nutrient deficiencies. 


Booth: 123

VRE Systems has over 40 years of experience providing products and services to the retail garden center, horticultural, greenhouse and agricultural industries. Whether you’re looking for retail and merchandising products for a garden center, heat, light deprivation and black out curtain systems to improve your greenhouses and growing operations, to transportation solutions for the horticultural and agricultural market – VRE Systems can help.


Booth: 101

Greenhouse structures, benches, heating systems and related products.


Booth: 634

Primary wholesale nursery stock grower with an extensive line of nursery plants - perennials & groundcovers to full size shade trees. Loan woody plant material for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference displays.

2022 Canadian Greenhouse Conference Exhibiting Companies

Download the trade show floor plan

Company Name 2022 Booth # Company Name 2022 Booth #
2G Grow 404 2nd Sight 237
AAB International 2017 AB Energy Canada 113
Ag & Food Labs, U of Guelph 305 Agrolux 100
Agrowcultural Organics  115 Aldershot Greenhouses  282
 A & L Canada   213 ALink Computer Systems  211
 A.M.A. Horticulture  325 A.M.A. Hydroponics  225
 Anatis Bioprotection  1008 ARaymond   3010
Argus Control 925 A-Roo Company 530
Axia Vegetable Seeds 130    
Ball Seed 425  Bamboo Supply Company 208 
BASF - NUNHEMS 607 Beekenkamp Plants 913
Belchim Crop Protection Canada 533 Bellpark Horticulture 310
Bellwyck Horticolor 632 Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment 801
Berger 811 Biobee Biological Solutions 928
Biosafe Systems 508 BioWorks 510
Bogaerts GL NA 400 Bold Robotics Solutions 107
C. Frensch 806  CSK LLC  132
Ceragen  505 Ceres Greenhouse Solutions 1251
Certis Biologicals  3012 Chas P Hayley & Company 2014
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario  408 CO2 GRO 413
Co-op Education, University of Guelph 307 Crop Defenders 1028
Crux Agribotics  3004  CSP Labs 137
Cultivars  2006 Dalsem B.V.  104
Damatex  229 Danzinger 909
Decowraps  800 DeCloet Greenhouse Mfg 207
Durward Jones Barkwell (DJB) 831    
Dordt Water Management  410 Dramm Corporation  833
Dummen Orange  317 Dutch Plantin Coir India 133
East Jordan Plastics 708 Eco +   435 
Ecoation Innovative Solutions  933  Ecocert Canada  1006 
Ecostrat  110  Ed Sobkovich Greenhouses  713 
Elexicon Group 1012    
Enertec Engineering  805  Enza Zaden  706 
Ergoed | Mprise  2009  Entosystem  332 
Express Seed  911  ET Grow 2018 
Farm Credit Canada (FCC)  710  Felco  1014 
First Genesis / Sunflower 1005  Flowers Canada Growers  629 
Fluence  331  Foremostco  3019 
Formflex  2011  Frontline Growing Products  3023 
Futur Vert  1260  Gabcor  228 
Genap Canada  412  George de Groot Laser Grading & Excavation  3011 
Gertex Solutions  1007  GGS Structures  217 
Gintec  608  Girardin Ontario 136
Global Horticultural 604 | 900    
Gold Leaf Technologies  313  Great Lakes Helicopter   1009 
Green Products BV  234  Greener Solutions Niagara 1011 
Greenex  201 Greenhouse Canada Magazine  2000 
Greenhouse Depot 434  Greenhouse Technology Network 3015 
Gro-Bark / Walker Industries  2003  Grodan  332 
Growtec Solutions  401  GrowZorb Technologies  1013 
Gryphon Automation  705  Happy Caps Mushroom Farms 3005 
Havecon 733 Healthy Hydroponics InnoTech  306 
Heliospectra AB  436  Hemp Sense 1010 
HERd IMP Service  1015  Hoogendoorn  701 
Hort Americas Canada  1104  Horta-Craft  711 


HortProtect (People Corporation) 205 
 Hoskin Scientific 209 Houwelling-Dutch Plantin   129
 Hub International 405 Hydrogardens Supply Services 604 
 INNIO Jenbacher NA 328 INO Canada 1106 
IPM Scoutek  1112  Javo USA  114 
JH Hydroponic Systems  236  Jiffy Products of America 501 
Jolly Farmer Products 732  Juniper Farms  437 
JV Energy  733  JVK  825 
Kam's Grower Supplies / Royal Brinkman  815  Keepsake Plants (Aris Horticulture)  804 
Koidra   535  Koppert Canada  609 
KUBO Greenhouse Project  335  Lambert Peat Moss  611
Langendoen Mechanical  125 Looije Agro Technics  3016 
Lumiforte Americas  512  M. K. Rittenhouse 308 
Mabre 1259 Machinerie S.B. 529
Manisha Canada Trading 2001 Master Plant-Prod 506
Maximus 430 Maxstim Products 1108
Messersmith Biomass Boiler 112 Meteor Horticultural Systems 613
Millenniumsoils Coir 1110 Moleaer 829
Montaki International 3013 Montel 1253
Mycorrhizal Applications 632    
Natural Insect Control  105  Netafim USA  1254 
New Growing Systems  3007     
Niagara Conveyor Systems  107  Northern Wildflowers  1255 
Nutrienvisus Technologies  2005  Oasis Therapy Insoles  1256 
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)  606  Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)  808 
Ontario Flower Growers Co-op  605  Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA)  504 
Paridon Horticultural  3009  Paul Boers Manufacturing / Prins Greenhouses  901 
PB Tec  3000  Perlite Canada  214 
Plant Products  415  Plantech Control Systems  116 
Plasco Welding & Fabrication  1257  Pottery Extravaganza  117 
Premier Tech Horticulture  534 Priva  728 
Prospiant  433  Provide Agro | N.M. Bartlett  904 
Quick Plug  315  RBC Agriculture  233 
Realty on the Bay 128 Riceland Foods 232
Ridder 210 Rubicon Organic Fertilizers 414
RZH Canada 409 SanEcoTec  1258 
Save on Energy Reps  2016  SGS Canada  704 
Signify  729  Smart Home Designs Niagara  309 
Solar Light Company  809  Sollum Technologies  2007 
South Essex Fabricating 301  Stokes Seeds  1016 
Sun Gro Horticulture 304 Sun Parlour Grower Supplies 1001
Sustane Natural Fertilizer 431 Ludvig Svensson 914
Syngenta Flowers 511 Syngenta Vegetables 507
Taks Handling Systems BV 3017  TD Agriculture Services  532 
The Grower 406 The HC Companies 908
Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss 3022 Think Plants 907
Tradewind Construction  3020  Triple Green Products  124 
University of Windsor  931  Ushio Germany GmbH  929 
Van der Ende Groep 3006 Van der Waay BV 1252
Vanden Bussche Irrigation  930  Vek Environmental  235 
Vergent Power Solutions 2004 Verhoef Electric 709
VIFRA SRL 135 Vineland Research & Innovation Centre 3014
Vivent 933    
VRE Systems 123 Vulcan GT 106
Wajax 134 Weishaupt 314
Westbrook Greenhouse Systems  101  Westland Greenhouse Solutions  635 
WestRock 204 Willowbrook Nurseries 634
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) 411 WPS 311
ZipGrow  1114  Zwart Systems  1017