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Research Poster Session

Research Posters

These featured posters provide a snapshot of current research related to the greenhouse sector.  Browse through updates from researchers and graduate students on a variety of topics including IPM, energy usage, water management and plant production.

The Research Poster Session is generously sponsored by:


Ashley Summerfield
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
 Pesticides for onion thrips: efficacy and compatibility with biocontrol
Siddharth Swaminathan
University of Windsor
 Integrated Micromachined Sensors for Pest Detection
James Nesbitt
University of Guelph
 Assessment of four biological control agents for the suppression of Fusarium proliferatum on Cannabis sativa production in a soilless system
Sarah Kingsley
University of Guelph
 Microbial Ecology of an Indoor Cannabis Soilless Cultivation System  
Taro Saito
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
 Three Ninjas: paths to become the best
Jessie deHaan
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
 Play it by year: IPM challenges and changes
Katherine Teeter-Wood
University of Guelph
 Optimizing boron delivery to subirrigated pot Chrysanthemums
Jeanine West
 Solutions for Pond Water Quality
Alex Nauta
University of Guelph
 Investigation of potential energy-saving strategies in Ontario greenhouses using a new greenhouse simulation model

Rashal Abed
University of Guelph

Innovative Multi-stage Airlift Pump for Vertical Farming 
Brian Lynch
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
 Imaging Plant Water Content in 3D Colour
Abu-Taher Jamal-Uddin
University of Guelph
 Investigating the use of hydrochar and activated carbon for treating greenhouse nutrient feedwater