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Research Poster Session

Research Posters

These featured posters provide a snapshot of current research related to the greenhouse sector.  Browse through updates from researchers and graduate students on a variety of topics including IPM methods, energy usage, supplemental lighting and plant production.

The Research Poster Session is generously sponsored by:

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Raj Vansiya
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

 Monitoring ToBRFV in Greenhouses Using Bumblebees


Alex Nauta
University of Guelph 

 Development and Evaluation of a New Greenhouse Energy Model with Data from Four Ontario Greenhouses


Ashley Summerfield
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre/University of Guelph/OMAFRA

 Peeling Back the Layers of Onion Thrips IPM

Taro Saito
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

A New Biocontrol Agent: Generalist Predatory Mite Anystis baccarum


Brian Lynch
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

 Computer Modelling of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Plant Structure


Serena Leo
University of Guelph/AAFC Harrow

The Pepper Weevil Parasitoid Jaliscoa hunteri is Attracted to Volatiles Released by Host Coleopteran Pests

Jacob Basso
University of Guelph/AAFC Harrow

 The Sterile Insect Technique: A novel tool for control of pepper weevil in greenhouse pepper crops


Cameron Scott
Simon Fraser University

Management Strategies for Fusarium oxysporum and Pythium myriotylum Causing Damping-off, Root and Crown Rot on Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) Plants


Guillaume Paquet
Laval University

 The Impact of the Growing System, Fertilization and Biostimulants on Growth, Productivity and Quality of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa)


Laurent Boucher
Laval University

New Lighting Strategy for Indoor Leafy Greens by Segmenting the Photoperiod and Replacing the Dark Period by Their Light Compensation Point


Rose Buitenhuis
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Manipulating Plant Nutrition to Reduce Thrips: Fact or fiction?

Benjamin Snow
University of Guelph

Exploring the Use of Drones to Evaluate Light Emissions from Ontario Greenhouses

Andrew LaFlair
University of Windsor/AAFC Harrow

Lifespan and Reproductive Output of Nabis americoferus: a potential native generalist biological control agent

Jason Lanoue
AAFC Harrow

Dynamic 24h Lighting for Greenhouse Pepper Production

Lysandra Naom
University of Windsor

Powering Greenhouse Sector Expansion With Distributed Energy Resource Solutions

Paige Desloges Baril
University of Windsor

Exploring Native Predatory Hemipteran Species for Use as Biological Controls in Canadian Vegetable Production

Amy Jenkins
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Tomato Trends: Summarizing 8 Years of Consumer Research on Greenhouse Tomatoes

Jose Rincon
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Computer Vision for Horticulture Robotics

Morgane Canovas
Laval University

Towards Enlightened Tools for Biological Control

Adam Barrada
Laval University

Unravelling the Mysteries of Biostimulants for Healthy Greenhouse Vegetables

Zelda Pieterse
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Photosensitizer Insecticide: When Light Can Kill

Camille Leblanc
Laval University

Dynamic of the Nutrient Uptake by Drug-type Cannabis sativa L. Under different N Concentrations During the Flowering Phase of Plants Cultivated in Vertical Aeroponic Grower System

Camille Leblanc
Laval University

Response of a Drug-type Cannabis Sativa L. to P and K Concentrations for Plants Grown in a Deep-water System

Jingjing Han
Flowers Canada (Ontario)

Evaluating and Optimizing the Performance of Energy-Saving Dehumidification in Ontario Year-round Greenhouses Production

Benjamin van der Zalm
Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Robotic Systems for Vegetable Crop Management