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Research Poster Session

Research Posters

These featured posters provide a snapshot of current research related to the greenhouse sector.  Browse through updates from researchers and graduate students on a variety of topics including IPM methods, energy usage, supplemental lighting and plant production.

The Research Poster Session is generously sponsored by:

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Diana Catalina Fernandez

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada/University of Windsor


Assessing the Cold Tolerance of Pepper Weevil (Anthonomus eugenii) in Southern Ontario


Ashley Summerfield

Vineland Research & Innovation Centre/University of Guelph, ON


What’s the Deal with Onion Thrips in Greenhouse Floriculture?

Andrew LaFlair

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada/University of Windsor


Assessing the Predatory Capacity of Nabis americoferus Expressed Through a Functional Response on Tomato Pest Species

Rupp Carriveau

Professor, Environmental Energy Institute, University of Windsor


Next-Gen Amplified Sustainable Agriculture (NASA) – It’s About Space!

Jingjing Han

Research Engineer, Flowers Canada Ontario


 Demonstration of Energy-Saving Dehumidification in Ontario Greenhouses

Devdutt Kamath

University of Guelph, School of Environmental Sciences, ON


Optimizing Light Recipes for Improving Ornamental Plant Propagation in Controlled Environments

Quinglu Ying

University of Guelph, ON


Low-level Blue LED Light During Night-time Improves the Growth and Quality of Indoor and Greenhouse Grown Microgreens

Brandon Yep

University of Guelph, ON


Hydroponic and Aquaponic Cannabis Production

Yun Kong

University of Guelph, ON


Production of Specialty Crops Using Efficient & Sustainable Controlled Environment Systems

Serena Leo

University of Guelph/Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada


Biological Control of the Pepper Weevil Using the Parasitoid Wasp, Jaliscoa hunteri