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Speaker Program - Wednesday

2021 Highlights

The 2021 Canadian Greenhouse Conference will bring experts to you!

Paid registration is required to access the live sessions (Oct. 6 & 7), supplementary resources, New Product Display and post-show recordings. 

Sessions will be recorded and available on the virtual conference platform for 90 days. A full-access registration will be required to log on to the platform after October 7.  Registration will remain open until January 6, 2022 and you may upgrade your basic registration at any time. 

G. Marchand 

Genevieve Marchand
Agriculture & Agri-food Canada, Harrow Research & Development Centre

Plant Vaccines for Greenhouse Crop Prevention

Vaccination has emerged as a valid and innovative protection of crops and vaccines are becoming available to greenhouse growers worldwide.

Discover the basic concepts, potential benefits and drawbacks of these new tools on Wednesday morning.


vermeer image 


Terry Vermeer, ET Grow Inc.

Data in Agriculture

Why it is important to gather as much data as possible in agricultural settings?
Which data is valuable? How do I track it? What do I use it for?

Find the answers to these questions and more in the Big Data session Wednesday at 2 pm






Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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Wednesday Morning Concurrent Sessions

9 am - 11 am EST


This session generously sponsored by:  OFA logo

Paul Fisher

University of Florida


 Nutrient Solution Treatment & Disinfection

Justine Taylor

Croplife Canada
Ottawa, ON

Protected Agriculture Stewardship National Auditable Standards

Christopher Weisener

University of Windsor, ON


Developing a Nutrient Risk Management Tool to Monitor Stormwater Retention Ponds

Ann Huber

Soil Resource Group
Guelph, ON

Nutrients, Pathogens and PGRs & Pesticides: the Hybrid Treatment trifecta?

*approximately 30 minute sessions


 This session generously sponsored by:    Kams Grower Supply Logo

Remi Maglione

Harvest Genomics
Guelph, ON


Portable DNA Sequencing Platform for Greenhouse Pathogen Monitoring: a tool against the ToBRFV


Genevieve Marchand

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Harrow, ON

Plant Vaccines for Greenhouse Crop Protection

Aviv Dombrovsky

ARO The Volcani Center

ToBRFV: the discovery, the management strategies and hopefully, the beginning of the end


This session sponsored by:    Signify logo


Xiuming Hao

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Harrow, ON

Dynamic & Sustainable Lighting Strategies



Colin Brice

Signify America

Lead With Lighting: Advancements of LEDs in greenhouse lettuce & herb cultivation


Jan Chechalk

Signify America

Lighting in High-Wire & Umbrella Cucumbers


Ton Habraken

Ludvig Svensson


David Lubitz

University of Guelph, ON

Project Report: Stray Light Abatement in Greenhouses

Quade Digweed

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Harrow, ON


Blackout curtains, Energy Capture & Microclimate

*30 minute presentations


Wednesday Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

12 pm - 1 pm EST
2 pm - 4 pm EST

 This session generously sponsored by:  Ball seed logo


Rodger Tschanz

University of Guelph

Sarah Jandricic

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, Vineland, ON


Supporting Ontario Pollinators & Growing Profits: Ornamentals for eco-conscious gardeners


Roger Kehoe


Capitalizing on the Foliage Boom


 *30 minute presentations


Vicki Gagnon

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
Toronto, ON

Cannabis Energy Efficiency Best Practices


Rupp Carriveau

University of Windsor, ON

Energy Efficiency Through 3D Printed Building Envelope Optimization


*30 minute sessions


This session is generously sponsored by  greenhouse technology network logo          

Murat Kacira

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Enhancing Resource Use Efficiency in Vertical Farming


Quade Digweed

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Harrow, On

Adrian Schimnowski

Arctic Research Foundation

Northern Greenhouse Program 


Barry Murchie

Goodleaf Farms
Guelph, ON

Goodleaf’s Journey in Vertical Farming


 *approximately 30 minute presentations


 This session generously sponsored by:  OGVG logo

Sonia Benoit

Cascades, QC

Shedding Light on Sustainable Packaging


Emily Murracas

Mucci Farms
Kingsville, ON

Sustainable Packaging of Greenhouse Produce


Manjusri Misra

University of Guelph, ON

Amar Mohanty

University of Guelph, ON



*30 minute presentations


This session sponsored by:  triple greenlogo


Kenneth Tran

Koidra Inc.,

Towards Autonomous Greenhouses: Digital horticulture and smart sensors

Saber Miresmailli

Ruthven, ON

Human + Machine: The future of horticulture is collaborative

Terry Vermeer

ET Grow Inc
Beamsville, ON

Data in Agriculture

Ramen Dutta

TensoAI, Sutton, QC

Big Data’s Next Step – Tackling Private Data Silos

30 minute presentations


Looking for a presentation from our past conference?  Please note that not all speakers allow their work to be posted.

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